Team Building

Whether you want to reward your team or challenge them to work together and really bond away from the office, Gasp has the right solution for you. We provide tailor-made activities and experiences for groups of all sizes and budgets large and small. Here are a few recent examples:

Zombie Apocalypse – Your meeting at a country house is interrupted by a man in a white coat, flanked by two armed soldiers. Introducing himself as Professor Blackwood, he explains that next door to the hotel is a secret government facility that you’ve never heard of that specialises in research you don’t need to know anything about. Unfortunately there has been an “incident” and a number of the research’s “test subjects” have overrun the limited security team and escaped. With hours before backup can arrive, your help is requested to contain the situation before the whole country is infected…

Armed with the latest (airsoft) weapons, your team must fight off an onslaught of zombies whilst completing a series of tasks that allow you to collect the components of the antidote and then administer it in an explosive finale. Think you work well under pressure? We shall see…

Fencing with Team GB –  Deep below a private member’s club in London you will meet the British Olympic Fencing Team. After a breathtaking demonstration in swordsmanship by our Rio 2016 team, your guests will be kitted out and given their first lesson. By the end of the afternoon, they will not only look the part but be able to duel like a musketeer. Subject to budget, guests may also leave with a personalised full kit (in a bag signed by the team) and membership to their local fencing club.

Diamond Geezers – Think Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels meets a boy’s day out. There’s been a diamond heist, the spoils of which are now in your possession and the meanest villain that ever lived, Harry the Dog, wants his merchandise back! It’s a race against time and across the city to get the stones back to their rightful owner before things start getting a bit tasty! Underworld contacts, dodgy croupiers in flashy casinos, Hatton Garden diamond merchants, murder scenes, jet boats, pie and mash shops and breaking into a bank vault. Handsome!

Around The World In 80 Ways – It’s a virtual race around the world, stopping off at different countries to complete a series of international tasks, from blending French Wines to American Cheerleading, Tai Chi and Indian Cricket, who will rack up the miles and beat Phileas Fogg back to Blighty? Last ones home for tea and medals are the losers.

Skool Daze – You’re all so young and beautiful, it’s as though you were all at school only yesterday! Ahem..

Modern life can be a bit rubbish. So step away from  the mortgages, the bills, the targets and dodgy American presidents and jump back to long summer days when only boring grown-ups talked of such things and the only thing you had to worry about was getting a game in at lunchtime and not getting grabbed by that evil McDougal kid in 4C.

Divided into ‘houses’, your team must try and make it through a full afternoon of classes, competing head-to-head  in a series of challenges to earn enough points to get you into the tuck shop before the end of the day. Think school sports day meets Generation game…

London Calling – London is the best City in the world and is a place that holds more secrets than a hidden basement in GCHQ. This event sees teams piecing together clues and uncovering secret hidden places all over the City – places not open to the public, places that even those who have lived and worked in the Capital all their lives would not have seen – from silver vaults to Cold War Soviet safe-houses. Work hard, co-ordinate and listen to what she’s telling you. Can you hear London Calling?

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