Possibly the most important event for any company, your conference needs to deliver your message and engage your staff / stakeholders in a way that delivers immediate results. As with all our events, we start with the end in mind and work back through every aspect of the conference to ensure that it contributes to the message in the most impactful and memorable way. We can provide a turnkey solution or just a little help in areas where you need it. These include:

Venue finding – A free of charge service that completely removes the headache of finding a suitable venue for your conference. We work closely with all the major conference venues both in the UK and Europe and guarantee the best possible rates. We also have access to more unusual spaces if you want to do something a little less ordinary – It all depends on your message. Why set a diamond in a copper ring?

Transport – We have worked with all the major transport companies and know the good from the bad. Whether you need coaches, flights, executive cars or even a private charter of your own steam train, we can help.

Speaker training – Just because you’re a fantastic leader and a brilliant entrepreneur, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you’re an amazing orator. Don’t kill your brilliant message with poor delivery. Call today and see how we can help make it engaging, fun and above all memorable.

Guest speakers – Speaker agencies will try and convince you that some bloke who won a medal for running fast around a track has a story that will be remotely relevant to your current business issue. Having difficulty integrating disparate legacy HR cultures? Here’s Dave! He got a silver medal in shot-put! Forget all that nonsense. Talk to us about the issues you’re facing and let us bring the right people with the real and relevant experience to you.

Audio visual support and technical production – We offer a wealth of technical support and the latest technology to ensure smooth and slick delivery throughout. These services include Set design and build, Show calling, Conference staff, Badging, Session management, Interactive feedback and voting systems, Information sharing technology and filming.

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