There are people out there (believe me, I’ve met them) who believe that team building is building something in a group. I have actually seen a group of delegates be given a piece of flat-pack furniture and be told to put it together. I’m not joking. Some think it’s a good idea to ask staff to walk over hot coals or take a ‘leap of faith’ by hurling themselves out of a tall tree. This is not team-building, it’s bullying.

What we do is a world away from this approach. We start with looking at your end goals and work back through the issues that are preventing your group from getting there. We then create scenarios that are designed to allow delegates to come to the right conclusions themselves through a series of ‘penny-drop’ moments. Afterward, we discuss the challenges and responses with the group to help them see where and how they can improve when they get back to work. This is experiential learning. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it works, it delivers real change and a return on your investment and nobody goes home with burnt feet.