Delights of Dry Hire

If you’re looking for a unique setting for your event, you’ll be swimming in a very small pool if you stick to established venues and event spaces. The joy of these is that they often have in-house catering, their own staff, furniture and audio-visual provision which means you have a lot less to think about. But if you make the leap to hiring a venue where none of that is provided, you’re not only given the freedom to do things…

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Team Building – Getting it right

There are people out there (believe me, I’ve met them) who believe that team building is building something in a group. I have actually seen a group of delegates be given a piece of flat-pack furniture and be told to put it together. I’m not joking. Some think it’s a good idea to ask staff to walk over hot coals or take a ‘leap of faith’ by hurling themselves out of a tall tree. This is not team-building, it’s bullying.…

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